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Learned lessons will be included into an eGHOST WhiteBook

Learned lessons will be included into an eGHOST WhiteBook.

Last Friday, 14th October, an online joint follow-up meeting of the three projects Best4Hy, SH2E and eGHOST took place to join synergies and put together common points based on sustainability and Hydrogen.

Around 50 specialists and representatives of all companies and institutions collaborating on three projects joined the meeting to learn about the status and progress of the milestones achieved in the projects.

Likewise, the following steps and pending challenges to integrating sustainability life cycle in the FCH products in the European Hydrogen sector were on the table.

Best4Hy project pursues to develop and validate existing and novel recycling processes for two essential fuel cell and hydrogen products: proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM FC) and solid oxide cells (SOC), including both fuel cells (SOFC) and electrolysis cells (SOEC), while eGHOST project is focused on developing two specific guides for PEMFC stack and SOE.

Lessons learned from this project will be included and integrated into an eGHOST WhiteBook, a reference guidebook for any future eco-design project of FCH systems.

If you want to know more about these projects, we invite you to visit their website, where you will find more information about them.

eGHOST project: eghost.eu

Best4Hy project: best4hy-project.eu

We look forward to communicating much more news like this, where we can share our progress towards our common goal of progressing towards sustainable hydrogen technologies.