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Our project has been doubly represented at WHEC2022

Our project has been doubly represented at WHEC2022!

Between 26 and 30 June, the 23rd World Hydrogen Enerrgy Congerence (WHEC-2022) took place in Istanbul. Content that has been developed within the framework of the eGHOST project was presented orally in a double session. On the one hand, Mitja Mori, from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana made a presentation titled “Sustainability Assessment of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack as a Basis for the Development of Eco-Design Guidelines” whose co-authors are D. Iribarren, J. Cren, E. Monnier, R. Stropnik, A. Lotric, M. Sekavcnik, D. Cortes, L. Gimenez, L. Rey, G. Puig-Samper, F. Campos-Carriedo, E. Bargiacchi, J. Dufour & E. Cor.


The second contribution was made by Eleonora Bargiachhi, from IMDEA Energy with a presentation entitled “Social Life Cycle Assessment of a Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Stack” with contributions of F. Campos Carriedo, G. Puig-Samper, D. Iribarren & J. Dufour.

This has been a very good opportunity to present to the international hydrogen sector our contribution both to the measurement of the sustainability of FCH products and to the development of eco-design practices that will improve the sustainability of these systems.