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IMDEA Energy mission is the promotion of R&D activities in energy, with emphasis on topics related to low-carbon and sustainable energy technologies, including their analysis from technical, economic, environmental and social perspectives.



The company’s aim is to become a world leader in hydrogen mobility by producing 200,000 StackPacks per year by 2030, for use by manufacturers around the world. Symbio is playing a role is increased hydrogen transport, which by nature is emission free and has fewer limitations for end users in terms of charge time and range.



The mission of the Foundation is to carry out the organization, management and execution of a wide range of actions with the purpose of generating, storing and transporting hydrogen, for its use in fuel cells, in transport applications or for the generation of distributed energy.



The vision Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to become the premiere teaching and research faculty for mechanical engineering in Slovenia and Southeast Europe while maintaining the highest educational and professional standards. Research team from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a leading team in Slovenia for life cycle assessment methodology, hydrogen economy, hydrogen experimental research, and theoretical and applied thermodynamic analyses of energy conversion systems.



The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a key player in research, development and innovation in four main areas: defence and security; low carbon energies (nuclear and renewable energies); technological research for industry; fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences.



The Institute of Applied Energy (IAE) has been conducting research activities form technological standpoint covering all energy sectors in response to various social needs of the time. The IAE intends to continuously implement our research based upon the recognition, “Technology opens the future of energy”.


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