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Celebrated the 6th General Assembly held at Symbio’s offices

eGHOST is 6 months away from completing its mission. The project is already on track to be a pioneer for the development of eco-design criteria in the European hydrogen sector. eGHOST will go a step beyond the current state of the art of ecodesign, and will incorporate triple-impact decision making tools, such as environmental, social and economic aspects throughout its life cycle.


On February 11, the project partners met at 6th General Assembly to exchange impressions, as well as to analyze the results achieved to date. These results will be shown to the scientific and professional community in the coming months, as the project enters a period of intense activity. March will be a key date in the project with the celebration of the Eghost Symposium at EHEC 2024 Bilbao.


If you want to stay up to date on the project, we encourage you to join our Stakeholders Group to learn about the latest developments and information published to date.